Get Back ToYour Roots, Girl

Indigenous Women Restoring Spiritual Foundations Through Sustainable Food And Economic Systems

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About Rematriate

We represent youth, elders, two spirits, caregivers, farmers, artists, herbalists, pipe carriers and organizers from tribal communities across the northeast United States. Our goal is to embody a cooperative whose non-exploitative, regenerative work nurtures the earth, our communities, our whole selves and our member’s families in traditionally balanced economic roles.

Our Goals

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Bring Our Power Back

We aim to preserve rivers, lakes, and divides; to change the process of river systems management and development; and encourage people to participate.

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Organize And Strategize

The oceans provide oxygen, food, and means of subsistence for millions of people around the world, medicines to cure diseases and support our flourishing coast economy.

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Nurture Our Communities

We work on solutions that will help decrease the level of emissions to reach a healthy climate, save forests, and help nature accommodate to global warming.

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Restore Food Systems

We are dedicated to rescuing individual animals, preserving endangered populations, protecting their habitats across the world, and helping animals in need.

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Healthy, Balanced Lives

We are committed to following our mission to preserve the world’s land resources and reveal the real potential for green growth - for the benefit of humanity, wildlife, and our climate.

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Space To Heal And Grow

Nowadays, rapid growth can make cities extremely unsuitable for living. We believe that nature can help cities cope with the problems they may face.

Wanna Help Us?

The fastest way to get involved and support our mission is to donate. Otherwise you can volunteer directly and join us on the ground floor, fighting for what's good and just, right beside us.

Our Projects

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Family Garden Clubs

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Urban Farming

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Local Food Production

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Public Art

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Land Stewardship

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Apothecary Development

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Substance Abuse Prevention

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Youth Development

Where We Work

Why Help Us

Environmentally Appropriate

Protection and preservation of natural communities and high conservation values.

Socially Beneficial

We respect the rights of employees, communities, and indigenous peoples.

Economically Viable

Creating markets, adding maximum value, and ensuring equal access to benefits.

Fundraising Principles

  • At Rematriate, we pride ourselves on the fact that our work is funded by donations from passionate people who strive to take care of our communities and environment, and wish to assist us in creating change, as well as from grants from private foundations which support our values.
    Our self-sufficiency is crucial for us to be effective in our campaigning work, so we use it as a basic principle that guides our entire fundraising.

Partners and Supporters

Contact Us

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